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Arnold C. Danielson, Chair Board of Directors GBSPA Inc.


Multi-media Artist, Designer, Party Planner, Dishwasher

Describe the places you write.

I write in my cluttered out of control library and I write in the mystical cultured forest gardens that are my gift to my grandchildren.

How long have I been writing?

Seems forever, satisfied enough to share it only recently.

Talk about your favorite poem and some of your other poems:

My favorite piece of my own is called "Days". It speaks to the inexorable grind of life's mill and the intensity of the human will that stands before it.

As to others, they are missives, laments and exultations, the flow of my life writ large and small.

What writers influence you?

Churchill, Hemmingway, Kerouac, Cohen, Dylan, Cather, Carson, Elliot, Burns

What is a typical writing time for you like?

An unstoppable flow requiring both steno and edit

Please talk about the series, the workshop, the open mic and the features?

We are a few years into our current incarnation. Founder Philip Hasouris, Frank Miller, and I found friends and kindred spirits in one another and have with our collective skills, laid the groundwork for the vibrant community of poets and artists that continues to develop in partnership with the Brockton Public Library. We are Greater Brockton Society for Poetry and the Arts Inc. (, our series is a labor of love, our writing workshop is a treat and at times like herding cats, our open mic startling in its emotional complexity, our features from the profane to the pro's. Please Join us, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Is there anything else you might like to say?

What else might you wish?



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