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Last update: July 9, 2013



White House Inn

Dear Friends of Colrain:

We are currently enrolling for our conference in Wilmington, Vermont at the gorgeous
White House Inn, July 25-28 and for our annual conference at the spectacular Truchas Peaks
Place in Truchas, New Mexico, September 19-22.

The Colrain Conference is the original, one-of-a-kind poetry manuscript conference designed for poets serious about book publication. There is no other conference in the nation (or world!) that provides this combination of in-depth analysis by poet-editors and real-time editorial response from top publishers.

Colrain conference faculty for 2014 are listed here.

For more information on our two upcoming conferences:
July 25-28 in Vermont
September 19-22 in New Mexico

All poets with a book-length or chapbook-length poetry manuscript in progress are welcome to apply.

Colrain is in its eighth year of guiding poets toward book publication in a wide variety of presses (over 120 manuscripts taken so far). I hope you will join us!

Concord Poetry Center & Colrain Conferences
40 Stow Street
Concord, MA 01742

Nahid Rachlin
Teaching a fiction and creative nonfiction workshop

Edgartown (Martha's Vineyard) MA
August 10-August 16

Noepe Center For Literary Arts, 104 Main Street, Edgartown, MA 02539
for details click on:
for accommodation click on:
For questions contact: Justen Ahren at: or:

One of New England’s most elegant communities, Edgartown (Martha's Vineyard) was the Island’s first colonial settlement and it has been the county seat since 1642. Main Street in Edgartown is a picture-book setting with its harbor and waterfront. The tall square-rigged ships that sailed all the world’s oceans have passed from the Edgartown scene, but the heritage of those vessels and their captains has continued.



Submissions open June 1st for the (lucky) 13th annual Mom Egg Review!!! Send poetry, fiction, and art on the theme of mothers, and motherhood. There's also a special folio this year for poetry submissions on the theme: Compassionate Action.

So many of us are fighting a battle. Medical, financial, the struggles of our identity and society. From the invisible to the visible, from mental illness to cancer. Even more of us have lost someone and are now carrying on without them. We are doing more than that. Every day, we are surviving. Wicked Banshee Press is excited to announce that our Fall Issue theme will be Survival Through Art. While we do not want to shy away from the struggle, we would like this to be a celebratory issue. Tell us about the wins, the good times, your most defiant self. Give us your roar back, your refusal to be silent. Give us your survival, bleeding and alive.

While we will not exclude non-themed poems, make them damn good.
Submissions open June 1, 2014 and close August 15, 2014.
See our submission guidelines.

Our current need is for 200 word prose that is gripping and tightly written. We particularly enjoy pieces that employ active voice in works of memoir, fiction, or tiny essays.
Our cover gallery is here:

Are you in recovery from mental illness or substance abuse? Is someone you care about in recovery? Then, please consider submitting to the second issue of "peer review," a literary and art magazine for the recovery community. No reading or entry fees. Deadline September 1, 2014. Theme is "I." Please email me with subject "peer review" for more details.

charlottesville winter is looking for microfiction and short poetry submissions. there are no reading fees. no compensation other than work being shared with over a thousand readers. rolling deadline. open theme.

Have a peek at issue 5 and then promptly submit for issue 6! FAR ENOUGH EAST is now open for the summer issue!

Broken Pencil. Looking for fiction and non-fiction (max 3000 words). Paying market (varies depending on length and type of article). They suggest you read a copy before submitting. Accepting submissions until September 15.

ROOM magazine. Looking for submissions on the theme Lost in Translation. Deadline July 31.

Catch and Release, the online literary journal of Columbia University Writing Program, is accepting submissions in fiction, poetry, nonfiction, art criticism, and book reviews. Please visit the journal for more details on how to submit. We look forward to reading your work.

Beakful is looking for your work. Start submitting it. Who will be first? Send one-two poems, artwork, fiction, reviews, essays to Write your full name and submission type + beakful in the header of your email. Send all submissions in a txt, doc or odt file, attached to your mail....

Calls for Submissions from The GoldenPoet, a digitally evolving art piece combining all disciplines of art. You can submit anything from a quote, original photograph, poem, short story or a video showcasing what you do. If you're interested, please visit and click on the "Submit" tab on your left hand side of the screen. If you have any questions, please forward them to Thanks.

Parts of the Whole: Poetry of the Body is looking for poems about the body Please submit up to 4 poems in any style to the editors at between now and September 15. No poem should exceed 80 lines or approximately 2 pages. Include a brief 150 words or less bio and attach poems in Word or RTF. Also, we would like to see a brief explanation of how the poet believes this work fits into our theme. We will consider previously published poems so long as you acknowledge it was previously published in the cover letter and let us know if the anthology can obtain reprint rights for free or low cost.

Hi all, IDK Magazine is looking for submissions of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and art for its inaugural reading period ending June 15th!
IDK seeks primarily to publish emerging writers/artists and Millennials (writers/artists born 1980-1995), but is willing to read any submissions related to contemporary culture. Up to 5 poems and prose pieces up to 4,000 words. You can find more info and guidelines on IDK's website at
No submission fees and no payment for publication.

Non-fiction essay contest. Theme is "rejection," something we can all relate to, as writers!

Hello! We are just starting up a new digital literary journal entitled Sketches Magazine and we are having our first open call for submissions. We would love to read your fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. Since we are just starting up, you have a very good chance to get published in our debut issue! So submit today!!

The Oddville Press is back! With a jam-packed first edition to celebrate our re-launch, we continue on our quest to promote today’s geniuses and tomorrows giants. Download your copy here: Take a journey through the pages of our historic re-launch issue to see just what floats our boat. Maybe you’ve got the perfect story, poem or image to feature in the next issue. Why not give it a try. You can read our submissions guidelines here.
Readers, writers, poets and artists; spread the word near and far: The Oddville Press is back!

The Summer 2013 issue of drafthorse literary journal - a journal of work and no work - is now available online. The editors are now accepting submissions for the Winter 2014 issue.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - to First Literary Review-East. Guidelines at website: Please send 3 poems, under 16 lines, to Thanks!

No restriction on previously published, no reading fee, payment of 2 contributors copies-

Pithead Chapel is a monthly online journal of short fiction and nonfiction. We’re currently seeking gutsy narratives up to 4,000 words, and are particularly interested in essays (personal, memoir, lyric, travel, experimental, etc.) that move. Please visit us at to learn more about us and our submission guidelines.

Lyre Lyre is accepting submissions for its next issue! Read past issues and send us your work!

Submit to Extract(s)

Extract(s) is looking for submissions for our Poems, Stories, and Haiku features, as well as excerpts from upcoming novels, memoirs, and poetry and story collections. We will take submissions via our online submission manager only. We are not yet accepting self-published work.

If you are interested in having “In Place” feature your writing program/group, please send a formal query to us here.

Guidelines for Submission

Please submit up to five (5) poems. We are looking for smart, fresh,well-crafted pieces to consider. If you took a look through our personal poetry collection you would find writers who challenge us, who move us, and who we cannot help but share with others. Do you think you have a poem that will take off the top of our head? Submit now! Our submission period is always open, but please wait at least six months before sending another.

Please submit one short story (fiction or non-fiction) of no more than 1,000 words. We are looking for fresh, well-crafted stories that make us cry and laugh and think. We want to be moved in some fundamental way in as few words as possible. Our readers should carry your characters with them as they go about the rest of their day—or longer. Our submission period is always open, but please wait at least six months before sending another.

Please submit up to three pieces of original artwork in any medium with an original haiku for each. The haiku need not be an explanation of the image, merely a companion to it. As Japanese and English syllables are not the same, do not worry about meeting the “5/7/5? syllable count. Instead, think of the lines as “short/long/short.”

Please submit no more than 1,000 words of prose and three poems from a book that has been published in the past three months or will be published in the coming weeks/months/year. We will accept excerpts from publishers and writers, but are not yet accepting self-published work.

Zero Point

We are looking for writers that would like to have their work workshoped with our staff. Send us your work and we will set-up a reading and discussion at Zero Point's downtown office. This also applies to works of poetry. Our office is located at 265 Franklin St, Suite 1702 Boston. E-mail it too

For more info visit or email Read the rest of the posting at


Send 1-3 previously unpublished poems, any subject or style, using our submission manager.
Postal submissions with SASE with sufficient postage for return.
Please include contact information and brief bio with submission.
We accept simultaneous submissions, but please inform us if your work is accepted elsewhere.

Long Poem Library is now accepting poems of any length
Revolution Poesy revolutionpoesy@GMAIL.COM
Poetics List (UPenn, UB)


The Long Poem Library is now accepting poems of any length.*
*Please submit you work to the
Long Poem Libraryfor consideration.

Muddy River Poetry Review Guidelines

Reading dates for Muddy River Poetry Review are December 1 to March 1 for spring issue and June 1 to September 1 for fall issue. Poems received on other dates will be deleted.

  • 1. Submit 1-3 poems. NO PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED POEMS.
  • 2. No attachments. Please paste poems into body of email. Include a short poetry (and/or other) bio.
  • 3. Prefer free verse.
  • 4. Do not want "mushy" or religious poems.
  • 5. Do not want porno, sexist, racist or biased poetry relating to politics or ethnicity.
  • 6. Simultaneous submissions okay, but please let me know which ones AND notify me if any are accepted somewhere else.
  • 7. Future (other) publication should credit Muddy River Poetry Review.
  • 8. Response time will be as close to 30 days as possible.
  • 9. If you do not hear in 45 days, feel free to inquire.
  • 10. Payment will be publication in MRPR.
  • 11. Poems only accepted during open reading dates. Poems received on other dates will be deleted.
  • 12. Submit all poems to only. All rights revert to author upon publication.

What Is Metaphor: The Poetic Genius Issue
The genius of poetry is many things, but it partly resides in the definition of poetry itself: communicating with metaphor. What do you think of that? We want to know! Submit your poems, prose, essays, flash-fiction, and artwork to Jessica Harman or The Editors at this email address:

Sleet seeks poetry, fiction, flash irregulars. For guidelines, please see

The Pedestal Magazine is currently seeking submissions of poetry and fiction. Please visit their web site for more information

New West Submissions

I have recently been named fiction editor for New West magazine, and we are welcoming submissions for stories or novel excerpts of up to 5000 words. New West has just added fiction to its format, so you can be among the pioneers. Please check out the submission guidelines here...


Boston Skyline


We Are You New England Edition

June 19-August 3, 2014

Upcoming Readings at Newtonville Books:

Craig Davidson, Sue Miller, Tom Perrotta, Paul Harding, Amy Sohn, and Julie Wu

Newtonville Books
10 Langley Road
Newton Centre, MA 02459

Wednesday, July 9 at 7 PM
Sue Miller, author of The Arsonist

Troubled by the feeling that she belongs nowhere after working in East Africa for fifteen years, Frankie Rowley has come home—home to the small New Hampshire village of Pomeroy and the farmhouse where her family has always summered. On her first night back, a house up the road burns to the ground. Then another house burns, and another, always the houses of the summer people. In a town where people have never bothered to lock their doors, social fault lines are opened, and neighbors begin to regard one another with suspicion. Against this backdrop of menace and fear, Frankie begins a passionate, unexpected affair with the editor of the local paper, a romance that progresses with exquisite tenderness and heat toward its own remarkable risks and revelations. Suspenseful, sophisticated, rich in psychological nuance and emotional insight, The Arsonist is vintage Sue Miller—a finely wrought novel about belonging and community, about how and where one ought to live, about what it means to lead a fulfilling life. One of our most elegant and engrossing novelists at her inimitable best.

Tuesday, July 15 at 7PM
Tom Perrotta, author of The Leftovers, and Paul Harding, author of Enon

What if—whoosh, right now, with no explanation—a number of us simply vanished? Would some of us collapse? Would others of us go on, one foot in front of the other, as we did before the world turned upside down? In The Leftovers, that’s what the bewildered citizens of Mapleton, who lost many of their neighbors, friends and lovers in the event known as the Sudden Departure, have to figure out. Because nothing has been the same since it happened—not marriages, not friendships, not even the relationships between parents and children. With heart, intelligence and a rare ability to illuminate the struggles inherent in ordinary lives, Tom Perrotta has written a startling, thought-provoking novel about love, connection and loss.

Tinkers, Paul Harding’s Pulitzer Prize–winning debut, is a modern classic. I Enon, Harding follows a year in the life of Charlie Crosby as he tries to come to terms with a shattering personal tragedy. Grandson of George Crosby (the protagonist of Tinkers), Charlie inhabits the same dynamic landscape of New England, its seasons mirroring his turbulent emotional odyssey. Along the way, Charlie’s encounters are brought to life by his wit, his insights into history, and his yearning to understand the big questions. A stunning mosaic of human experience, Enon affirms Paul Harding as one of the most gifted and profound writers of his generation.’

Thursday, July 17 at 7PM
Amy Sohn, author of The Actress, and Julie Wu, author of The Third Son

In The Actress, a big, juicy literary novel from bestselling author Amy Sohn, an ambitious young actress discovers that every marriage is a mystery, and that sometimes the greatest performances don’t take place on screen. When Hollywood heartthrob Steven Weller pulls Maddy Freed out of obscurity for a starring part in his newest, Oscar-worthy film, she feels her career roaring onto the express track. Steven’s professional attention soon turns personal as they are thrown together amid Europe’s Old World charm, and Maddy allows herself to tumble headlong into a fairytale romance with the world’s most eligible bachelor. Set in a tantalizing world of glamour and scandal, of red carpets and ruthless competition, of scheming agents and the prying eye of the press, The Actress is a romantic, sophisticated page-turner about the price of ambition, the treachery of love, and the roles we all play.

In the middle of a terrifying air raid in Japanese-occupied Taiwan, Saburo, the least-favored son of a Taiwanese politician, runs through a forest for cover. It’s there he stumbles on Yoshiko, whose descriptions of her loving family are to Saburo like a glimpse of paradise. Meeting her is a moment he will remember forever, and for years he will try to find her again. When he finally does, she is by the side of his oldest brother and greatest rival. In Saburo, author Julie Wu has created an extraordinary character, determined to fight for everything he needs and wants, from food to education to his first love. The Third Son is a sparkling and moving story about a young boy with his head in the clouds who, against all odds, finds himself on the frontier of America’s space program.

AGNI Magazine
Sven Birkerts, Editor
William Pierce, Senior Editor

New fiction, poetry, and essays posted biweekly at AGNI Online, which the blog Three Quarks Daily calls “one of the best online journals in America.”

Keep up with the latest content and exclusive interviews by signing up for the email newsletter or stay in touch via Twitter and Facebook.

Support our efforts with a tax-deductible donation. AGNI is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that relies on additional support from Boston University, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and a committed roster of individual donors. We thank them for keeping AGNI at the frontiers of literature.

2014 ButtonwoodsMuseum Authors’ Lecture Series

Please share this information with any poets that you think may want to attend or visit with us. To see who has already signed up please click here:

Here is the schedule of lectures to take place at the Buttonwoods Museum in Haverhill, MA. It cost $10 per author to participate in this event and we only have room for up to ten authors per event. The event is free to the public.

Buttonwoods Museum


US History Authors (In honor of the 4th of July) - - Friday - July 11 6 to 8pm

Historical Fiction Authors - - - - - Friday - August 1 6 to 8pm
Picture Book, Art Books Authors & Artists - - - Friday - August 15 6 to 8pm
True Crime, Murder Mysteries Authors - - - Friday - Sept. 5 6 to 8pm
Young Adult, "Tween" & Graphic Novels Authors - - Saturday - Sept. 20 2 to 4pm
Horror - Paranormal Authors (In Honor of Halloween) - Friday - Oct. 3 6 to 8pm

To sign up or for more information please contact Chris Obert at Tel: (978) 372-5825

Buttonwoods Museum - Haverhill Historical Society 240 Water Street, Haverhill, MA 01835
Tel: (978) 374-4626

Christopher Obert
New England Authors Expo
Pear Tree Publishing
20 South Porter Street
Bradford, MA 01835-7646
(978) 372-5825


Summer Reading Series at
Longfellow National Historic Site, East Lawn
105 Brattle St., Cambridge
Free and open to the public

Sunday, July 13th at 3:00 PM
The Lighter Side of Poetry with X.J. KENNEDY
featuring Michael Casey, Doug Holder, and Tomas O'Leary

Sunday, July 27th at 3:00 PM
Golden Rose Reading

Sunday, August 10th at 3:00 PM
Poetry of Purpose
with Afaa Michael Weaver, Fred Marchant, and others

For the full NEPC schedule, please see:

Note: Annual Contests close May 31
For details, see:

Founded in 1915 by Amy Lowell, Robert Frost, and Conrad Aiken

* Free and open to the public *
* For information, please call 617-744-6034 *
* NEPC website *


7:00 PM/ADMISSION: $4.00
Hosted by: Harris Gardner and Gloria Mindock

Laura Bernard

Laura Bernard, an alumna of Harvard University was formerly a specialist in international fundraising. She lived in England, worked in Japan, Puerto Rico and Haiti. Publishing in such journals as Poiesis: A Journal of the Arts, Ibbetson St. Press, her chapbook, Far From Home, was published by Finishing Line Press.

Timothy Gager

Timothy Gager is the author of ten books of short fiction and poetry. His latest, The Shutting Door (Ibbetson Street Press) was nominated for The Massachusetts Book Award. He has hosted the successful Dire Literary Series in Cambridge, Massachusetts every month for the past thirteen years and is the co-founder of Somerville News Writers Festival. He has had over 300 works of fiction and poetry published since 2007: nine have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His work has been read on National Public Radio. He lives on

Teisha Dawn Twomey

Teisha Dawn Twomey received her MFA in Poetry from Lesley University. She is an Associate Editor at Wilderness House Press. Teisha's work has appeared in Ibbetson Street, Fried Chicken and Coffee, Santa Fe Literary Review, Metazen, Main Street Rag, Poetica, JMWW Journal, Oddball Magazine and the "Wasn't That Special?" Anthology.

The Center for the Arts is located between Davis Square and Union Square. Parking is located behind the armory at the rear of the building. Arts at the Armory is approximately a 15 minute walk from Davis Square which is on the MTBA Red Line. You can also find us by using either the MBTA RT 88 and RT 90 bus that can be caught either at Lechmere (Green Line) or Davis Square (Red Line). Get off at the Highland Avenue and Lowell Street stop. You can also get to us from Sullivan Square (Orange Line) by using the MBTA RT 90 bus. Get off at the Highland Avenue and Benton Road stop.

Grolier Poetry Book Shop
6 Plympton Street
Cambridge, MA

Kristen Case Reading

Save the Dates

July 17th, 7:00 pm
Marilyn Chin
Afaa Weaver

September 12th, 7:00 pm
Marjorie Perloff
Adam Kirsch
Philip Nikolayev

September 26th, 7:00 pm
Umit Singh Dhuga
Ben Mazer
Todd Swift

In November
Ewa Chrusciel
date to be announced

and many more fine poets in the Fall

Please visit us on Grolierpoetrybookshop

Grolier Poetry Book Shop | 6 Plympton Street | Cambridge | MA | 02128

The Brockton Poetry Series at the Fuller Craft Museum

455 Oak Street, Brockton, MA
For directions see

See our website: and click on "Brockton Poetry" to see our current poets of the month and upcoming features.

Upcoming Features: Saturday, July 19th
Ben Berman, Linda Thayer

Ben Berman grew up in Maine, served in the Peace Corps in Zimbabwe, and currently lives in the Boston area with his wife and daughters. He has received the Erika Mumford Prize from the New England Poetry Club and Artist Fellowships from the Massachusetts Cultural Council and Somerville Arts Council. Strange Borderlands (Able Muse Press, 2013) is his first Full-length collection.

Linda Thayer grew up in Dorchester and taught Science for thirty-four years in the Boston Public Schools. She has been writing poetry for over twenty years, and has three chapbooks - Sage and Roses, Gifts of Nature, Gifts of Grace, and the most recent Spirit Matters. "I like to write poetry that finds extraordinary things in the ordinary, and the sacred in the simple things of everyday life."

We meet downstairs in the artKitchen Café.

12:00 - 2:00 Poetry Workshop (offered at no charge to the public)
1:30 - 2:00 Sign up for Open-Mic Reading
2:15 - 3:15 Open-Mic Reading
3:30 - 4:30 Feature Poets

Sheila Mullen Twyman
Brockton Poetry Series

at the Fuller Craft Museum
455 Oak St. Brockton, MA

Good Purpose Gallery

Thursday, July 24th
@ 5:30pm
For the first time:
an hour (or so) divided among

Irene Mitchell, a long-time teacher of writing in New York, is the author of A Study of Extremes in Six Suites (Cherry Grove Collections, 2012), and Sea Wind on the White Pillow (Axes Mundi Press, 2009). From 2003-2006, Mitchell was Poetry Editor of Hudson River Art Journal, devoted to art and culture along the Hudson River corridor from Albany to New York City. Mitchell serves as poetry contest juror, and facilitator of poetry workshops. She is also known for her collaborations with visual artists and composers, supplying the lyrics for art song cycles and the text for poetry broadsides.

Leah Nielsen holds an MFA from the University of Alabama. Her first collection of poetry, No Magic, was published by Word Press, a division of WordTech Communications. Her chapbook Side Effects May Include was published in February, 2014, through The Chapbook. Most recently, her poems have appeared in Crab Orchard Review, Fourteen Hills, Hotel Amerika, Indiana Review, and Rattle. She teaches at Westfield State University, in Westfield, MA, and lives there with her husband and two wild and crazy dogs.

John L. Stanizzi is the author of Ecstasy Among Ghosts, Sleepwalking, Dance Against the Wall (, and After the Bell, ( His poems have appeared in Prairie Schooner, The New York Quarterly, Tar River Poetry, Rattle, Passages North, The Spoon River Quarterly, Poet Lore, The Connecticut River Review, Freshwater, and many other publications. Twice nominated for the Pushcart Prize, in 1998 Stanizzi was named The New England Poet of the Year by The New England Association of Teachers of English. John has been a judge for the Connecticut Poetry Out Loud Program, the 2011 Connecticut Book Award for Poetry, and the Sunken Garden Poetry Award for Adult Writers. He is the coordinator for Hill-Stead Museum’s Fresh Voices Poetry Competition for high school poets. He taught for many years at Bacon Academy where he also directed the theater program. He has read at many venues throughout Connecticut, including RJ Julia Booksellers and the Arts Café Mystic, along with Gerald Stern and Carl Dennis. This summer – on July 9 – he will read at the Sunken Garden Poetry Festival. He is currently an adjunct professor at Manchester Community College. He lives with his wife, Carol, in Coventry, Connecticut.

Dr. Barry L. Zaret “Journeys” is the debut poetry collection of. His poems have appeared in “Cadeus”, “Pharos”, and “Long River Run.” Several of his poems have been put to music and have been performed in concert. In his other life Dr. Zaret is a cardiologist who has been on the faculty of Yale University School of Medicine since 1973. He served as Chief of Cardiology at Yale University School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Medical Center for 27 years. Currently he is the Robert W. Berliner Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Senior Research Scientist at Yale where he continues to see patients, teach, write, and mentor. He is recognized for his pioneer research in the development of nuclear cardiology. He has written or edited five medical texts, one of which is in its fourth edition as well as several hundred scientific papers and book chapters. He was the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology. He has received many awards for his scientific work and is a member of several honorific societies. Dr. Zaret is also an accomplished painter whose oils appear in numerous private collections. He has exhibited in New Haven and Hartford, Connecticut as well as in the Berkshires. He lives in Woodbridge, CT and East Otis, MA and is the father of three and grandfather of six.

It costs money and time to keep the Gallery space open, lit, and warm (or air-conditioned), so Gallery personnel have asked that Writers Read ask a suggested donation of $3.00 per person. $1.00 will go to the gallery for expenses, and each reader will receive $1.00 also. I want to emphasize that this is a suggested donation. Those who can’t donate or can’t donate $3 will not be turned away, frowned at, or cajoled. We want you to attend and enjoy the readings! Do what you can.

Readings will begin at 5:30pm, NOW ON THURSDAYS, in the Good Purpose Gallery 40 Main Street Lee -right next to the Starving Artist Cafe.
Hope to see you at the readings!

If you have questions and/or are interested in reading in the series, though we can make no promises initially, please email David Giannini, coordinator of the WRITERS READ series, at

Writers Read

Writers Read Logo

Hello All!
I have needed to make changes to accommodate The Good Purpose Gallery/Cafe folks who so generously provide the gallery space and staff for Writers Read. Beginning this month, Writers Read readings will occur on THURSDAYS, instead of Fridays, still at 5:30.

One reason for the change is that the cafe is expanding its weekend hours to include staying open until 8 P.M. on Fridays. We use their chairs (and a few tables) and would be chair-less and need to move to a less pleasant space out of the building. I hope everyone can and will keep on attending and therefore supporting this series! And please do 'pass the word'.

I publicly thank all the upcoming readers who have graciously incorporated this change into their schedules. There is a fine and exciting roster of poets and writers scheduled for May through November. Writers Read is cancelled for December.

Another change: certain months will now feature three, instead of two, readers, each reading for 15-20 minutes.

For your convenience, here is the line-up for the next four months:

July 24—Irene Mitchel and John Stanizzi and Leah Nielsen

August 28—Marie Gauthier and James Kelleher and Brian Clements

Remember: Writers Read happens on THURSDAYS.
David Giannini
P.O. Box 562
Becket, MA 01223

For the Love of Words Music & Poetry

Every 1st Tuesday
Hosted by: George Comeaux & Rich Berg

Open Mic: Bring us your old or new poetry, your unfinished or not so sure of poetry & of course your favorite poet's work... we love them all & we'd love to hear from you...

7:30-9:30pm Doors Open 7:00pm
Unity Church 13 Main St. N. Easton, MA

Featuring: Sept 2nd: Tom Daley & Chris Kain

July/Aug off
Oct 7th Jack Scully & Nancy Brady Cunningham
Nov 4th Glenn Lucci Furman & Music (in progress)
Dec 2nd Music (in progress) & Linda Thayer

Jan 6th Michael Quigg & Music (in progress)
Feb 3rd Dana Rowe & Music
Mar 3rd Music & Astrid Drew
April 7th Poetry & Andrew Lewis
May 5th Music & Philip Hasouris
June 2nd Poetry &
July/Aug off
Sept 1st Music & Poetry
Oct 6th Poetry & Music
Nov 3rd Music & Poetry
Dec 1st Marguerite Bouvard & Music

Past Features: Annie Burk, Charlie Large, Rich Berg, Sheila Mullen Twyman, Charles Coe, Ryk McIntyre, Alan Howarth, Rene Schwiesow, Willie Pleasants, Arni Danielson, Tim Reed.

FTLOW Poetry & Music Features 2014-2015
Bookings: Email Rich Berg


Mike Amado


Poetry reading and Open Mic
The Plymouth Guild for the Arts
11 North St. Downtown Plymouth, MA [Downtown just off Rte 3A]


Sept TBA Poetry Showcase: Barbara Carlson, Vincent Dorio, Chuck Harper, Susan Mahan, Elizabeth Quinlan & Tim Reed

Doors open 11:30AM, Music Feature 12:00 noon, Poetry Features 12:45pm open-mic 1:15pm.
Free admission and refreshments.

Upcoming Readings

Oct 12 January O’Neil & Louise Dery Wells
Nov Elizabeth McKim & Barbara S Carlson
Dec 14 Vincent Dorio & Denise Rainey
Jan 11 Winston Bolton & Kate Mc Cann

visit us on-line


Out of the Blue Gallery

Stone Soup Poetry (Host: Chad Parenteau), a 38 year old venue, $4, sign up to be a feature - call Bill Perrault at 978-454-7423.
Starts at 7:30PM and don't forget to sign up!
Recorded on local t.v. station.

Stone Soup Poetry Series
Out of the Blue Gallery
106 Prospect Street
Cambridge, MA
Host: Chad Parenteau

Visit the Stone Soup web site:

Stone Soup Poetry meets from 8-10 p.m. every Monday at the Out of the Blue Art Gallery at 106 Prospect Street with an open mike sign-up at 7:30 p.m.

Timothy Gager

1st Friday- Cambridge, MA

(starts with four, 15 MINUTE OPEN MIC SLOTS AT 8 PM)
with SIGN-UP starting at 7 PM


For more info and to get on the mailing list: EMAIL

USUALLY the 3rd FRIDAY of the MONTH!
NOLA’s TIGH FILI POETRY & OPEN MIC, $5, 8PM, Host: Nola, poems/prose.

OPEN BARK meets @ the Out of the Blue Art Gallery,

Open Bark "Candelite Poetry" with Hostess Deborah M. Priestly and Features!!!!

Debbe Priestly with Earth Goddess

Out of the Blue Art Gallery
106 Prospect Street,
Cambridge, MA 02139

Every Saturday Nite

Open Bark Features @ the Out of the Blue Art Gallery:

Time: 8PM into the night! Admission: $3-5 at the door (donations accepted & adored!)

Readers: Features are determined about 1 month in advance. If you want to be one, Deborah Priestly and Rob Russell (Feature Coordinator), will book you to be one. Call the gallery at (617)354-5287 and ask to speak to Rob Russell, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from about 1pm to 8pm. Or email us at and put your Poetry Feature Request to the Attention of Rob Russell, Feature Coordinator! Thank you!

Other info: We are a very laid back and creative Poetry Venue, "Open Bark Candelite Poetry Series" running on 11 (eleven) years strong now. We only ask that you bring original work and if you read someone else's work, like a famous poet or poetess' that you give recognition to their work by reciting first their name. Musicians, actors, mimes, dancers, drummers and others welcomed!!!!

Out Of The Blue Art Gallery
106 Prospect Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
phone: 617-354-5287

Every 2nd Thursday

Buckley Performing Arts Center,Massasoit Community College, Little Theater (Fine Arts building)

6:00pm: Doors Open, Sign Up, Refreshments
6:30pm - 8:00pm: Poetry Open Mic
8:15pm - 9:15pm: Poetry Slam

Address: 1 Massasoit Boulevard Brockton, MA 02302 (508) 588-9100

Brockton Arts/Night Slam website

The Boston Poetry Slam Downstairs at the Cantab Lounge

every Wednesday night at 8 * open mic, featured poet, poetry slam *
738 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, Mass.

There is poetry at the Cantab Lounge every Wednesday night, year-round. Our rotating cast of hosts is led by SlamMaster Simone Beaubien. Cover charge is $3.00 (unless otherwise noted on our schedule ).

Open mic for all begins at 8:00 p.m. Our doors and sign-up lists open promptly at 7:15. The open mic sign-up fills very quickly, so we recommend that you be prompt. Poems may be on any subject, and you may read more than one, but we ask that you keep your time on the mic to three minutes.

After the open, usually at about 10:00, our featured poet performs for half an hour. Click here to see our schedule of features.

The slam follows the feature, usually around 11:00. Most slams are open to the first eight who sign up; however, on some nights, we have semi-finals or finals in our slam series. Click here for slam details.

The Boston Poetry Slam at the Cantab Lounge is 18+, and you must have a photo ID to enter. (Note that the Cantab is 21+ for all other shows.) Feel free to email us at if you have questions about our policy. You can also check out the website for the venue,

Cantab Lounge
738 Massachusetts Ave,
Central Square, Cambridge, Mass
(617) 354-2685

Lizard Lounge Poetry Jam Sunday Night!

Every Sunday with a Poetry Slam co-hosted by Joyce Cunha and Jeff Robinson starting at 7:30pm and a Featured Poet and Open Mic accompanied by the Jeff Robinson Trio starting at 9:00pm – there’s a $5 cover and you must be 21 to enter the venue – Sultry red lights, intimate tables, and wooden church pews give this small room one of the best ambiances in town.

Cambridge Common
1667 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA. 02138


Manhattan Skyline



Phoenix Reading Series @ The Upright Brew

Sunday, July 13, 2014
4-6 pm
547 Hudson Street
NY, NY 10014

Rick Pernod was the founder and director of Exoterica, the award-winning literary organization. He taught creative writing at City College in New York and was featured on the TV show, "Learning with the Best." Rick has won The Alice B. Sellers Award from The Academy of American Poets, the BRIO Award for poetry from The Bronx Council on the Arts, and fellowships from The New York Foundation for the Arts and The New York State Council on the Arts. His work has appeared in The New Orleans Review, New Voices: The Academy of American Poets Anthology, The Alaska Quarterly Review, The Paterson Literary Review, The American Book Review, and Poetry in Performance among others. He is also was the leader and vocalist of the spoken word band, The House of Pernod.

Larry Vazeos can be read and enjoyed in the current issue of 3elements review. As part of his reading, he will show ten minutes of his poetry and fiction as part of a project that uses animation.

An eight dollar ($8) cover buys a drink or pays part of a more expensive purchase.

Michael Graves is the author of Adam and Cain (Black Buzzard, 2006), In Fragility (Black Buzzard, 2011) and two chapbooks, Illegal Border Crosser (Cervena Barva, 2008) and Outside St. Jude’s (R. E. M. Press, 1990). In two thousand four (2004), he received a grant from the Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation. Thirteen (13) of his poems appear in the James Joyce Quarterly. He has published scholarly, critical work on James Wright and organized a conference on Mr. Wright at Poets House in 2004.



Lalita Java
210 East 3rd St.
New York, NY 10009
(Btwn. B & C)

Every Monday: Louder Arts presents...

louder arts

"The Slam"
Poetry, Spoken Word, Slams & Guest Poets.

Always an open mic
$5 students/ $6 regular
Sign-up at 7pm, show starts at 7:30 at:

35 E.13th St.
(between Broadway & University Pl.)
New York, NY
(212) 979-6677

Every Thursday Mike Geffner presents...

the inspired word

The Inspired Word
An all-star poetry/spoken word event
every Thursday

featured guests plus open mic
Cover Charge: $10
7pm (open mic signup starts at 6:30)
One and One
76 E. 1st St. (corner of 1st Ave.)
New York, NY
212 598-9126

92nd Street Y Reading Series

Main Reading Series

92nd Street Y
1395 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10128


New Jersey:



John Petrolino
The Frank Talk Reading Series

Frank Talk

A New Poetry Reading Series
Frank Talk Art Bistro and Bookstore

Frank Talk Poetry Series Home Page
Click Here: Frank Talk Poetry Series

Poets.Org (Academy of American Poets)
Click Here: Poets.Org

Frank Talk Art Bistro and Bookstore
163 Shrewsbury Avenue
Red Bank, NJ 07701

$5.00 Cover
(includes food, beverages, and other goodies
supplied by Frank Talk owner Gilda Rogers)

Open Mic after the Feature

Contact: John Petrolino

John Petrolino


Old Town Philadelphia


"Poetry & Prose & Anything Goes with Dr. Ni"
(radio show; internet radio)

Date, time, pre-requisites: Last Friday of every month, 1-3 p.m.

Address: 1303 W. Susquehanna Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19122
City and State: Philadelphia, PA 19130-9998

Contact person and or URL/information: Dr. Niama L. Williams;;

One copy of book to be subject of interview must be mailed to address above if one would like to be considered for show Readers: International internet radio listeners

Dr. Niama L. Williams
1303 W. Susquehanna Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Hosted by Aziza Kintehg

Every First Friday of the Month

Be part of an Art Extravaganza * Spoken Word * Music Freestyle * Open Mike

Jose Sebourne Graphic Design
1213-15 Vine Street Philadelphia PA 19107
7-10pm $5.00 Cover

Contact info:
The Gallery - (215)564-2554
Aziza Kintehg(215)668-4500
Email: azizalockdiva@...

or check out the website:

Pacific Northwest:


Poetry Readings and other events in Seattle
and around the Pacific Northwest

Visit the POETSWEST Website for more readings...



Golden Gate Bridge


Southern California Open Readings


Barnes & Noble Poetry and Verse with Bill Robertson every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m., open workshop/reading, 1201 Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, (310) 260-9110.

Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center presents an Open Reading, first Sundays monthly, free, 5:00, sign up at 4:45. Hosted by Marie Lecrivain. Beyond Baroque Literary/Arts Center, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice, (310) 822-3006,

Cobalt Poets presents open readings every Tuesday, hosted by Rick Lupert, with featured readers on the first Tuesday, featured regulars on second Tuesdays, Valley Contemporary Poets featured guest plus open reading on third Tuesdays, and Cobalt Classic All Open Reading usually every fourth and fifth Tuesdays, seven minute limit, 9:00, sign up 8:30-8:45, free, one drink minimum, all ages. The Cobalt Café, 22047 Sherman Way in Canoga Park (west of Topanga Canyon Blvd.), (818) 348-3789,

Da’ Poetry Lounge spoken word open mic, every Tuesday, 9:00-midnight. Greenway Court Theatre, 544 N. Fairfax Blvd. near Melrose, LA, free parking next door at Fairfax High School, early arrival is a must,

Barnes & Noble Featured and open reading, every last Saturday, sign up 6:30, reading 7:00. Hosted by Ron Dvorkin. Barnes & Noble, 16461 Ventura Blvd., Encino, RONDVORKIN @

Poetry circle, second Wednesday, 6:30. Hosted by Ron Dvorkin. Encino-Tarzana Branch Library, 18231 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, (818) 343-1983, RONDVORKIN @

Gypsy Den in Santa Ana hosts a featured poetry reading every first Tuesday and open mics every Monday and Thursday, sign up starts 7:30. 125 N. Broadway Avenue, Santa Ana, (714) 835-8840,

Emerging Urban Poets Saturday Afternoon Poetry presents featured readers and open mic, every first and third Saturday, including January 23, 3:00-5:00. Free, hosted by Don Kingfisher Campbell. Santa Catalina Branch of the Pasadena Public Library, 999 E. Washington Blvd, two blocks east of Lake Avenue, Pasadena, kingfisher1031 @,

Moonday, A West Side Reading Series, open reading followed by featured reading, second Monday monthly, come early to sign up, 7:30. Hosted by Lois P. Jones and Alice Pero, Village Books, 1049 Swarthmore Avenue, Pacific Palisades, (310) 454-4063,, or pero @

La Palabra presents a featured poetry reading, plus open mic, usually every fourth Sunday, except January 31, 2:00-4:00. Co-hosted by Laura L. Longoria and Don Newton, Avenue 50 Studio, 131 N. Avenue 50, Highland Park, (323) 258-1435,

Our Poetic Souls open mic, every third Sunday monthly, sign up 2:30, readings 2:45. Hosted by Jim Lyon, please use appropriate language. Home Brew Coffee, 661 West Arrow Highway, San Dimas, (909) 394-1964,

Psychobabble Cabaret open mic with teeth, every Sunday, sign up 8:00, reading 8:30, no cover. Psychobabble Coffee House, 1866 N. Vermont, at Franklin, LA, (323) 664-7500.

The Rapp Saloon spoken word open mic, every Friday, sign up 7:30, readings 8:00. Six minute slots, free, all ages, co-hosts Mani Suri, Dave Nordling, Brenda Petrakos, Joe Camhi. International Youth Hostel, 1436 2nd Street, Santa Monica,

Redondo Poets featured reading and open mic every Tuesday, sign up 7:50, reading 8:10, free. Coffee Cartel, 1820 South Catalina Avenue, Hollywood Riviera, Redondo Beach, (310) 316-6554,

Tebot Bach presents featured readers and open reading, last Friday of the month, sign up 7:30, reading 8:00. Golden West College, Community Room 102, Huntington Beach,

Tía Chucha’s Open Mic: Night of Music & Spoken Word, every Friday, 8:00-10:00, no cover, donations welcome. Hosted by Nery Boche. Tía Chucha’s Centro Cultural, 13197-A Gladstone Avenue, Sylmar, (818) 896-1489,

Two Idiots Peddling Poetry featured and open poetry readings every Wednesday at 8:00, $2 cover or one drink minimum with student ID. Ugly Mug Caffé, 261 N. Glassel, Orange, (714) 997-5610,

World Stage Anansi Writers Workshop presents a three-part evening beginning with a workshop session, followed by a featured reader and open mic, every Wednesday, 7:30-10:30, open mic 9:05. Literary Director: Jawanza Daumisani, $5. World Stage, 4344 Degnan Blvd., LA, (323) 293-2451,


Barnes & Noble “Valley Voices of the Muse” featured poet and open reading, first Friday monthly, 6:00. Westfield Shopping Center, 72-840 Highway 111, Palm Desert, (760) 346-0725. Patricia D’Alessandro, host: ciaopat9 @

A Mic & Dim Lights presents spoken word and music open mic, every Thursday, 9:30, $3. Cal Poly Downtown Arts Theater (Pomona Arts Colony), 300 W. Second Street, Pomona (909) 469-0080.


Monday Montage, a support group for poets, readers, and writers, bring your own work, share your thoughts, or just listen, first Monday monthly, 7:00, if Monday falls on a holiday, reading will be held on the second Monday. Hosted by Curran Jeffery. Bluestocking Books, 3817 Fifth Avenue, Hillcrest, San Diego, (619) 296-1424,

Lestat’s Coffee House songwriters/poets open mic, every Monday, 7:30-11:00, sign up 6:00. Ten-minute slots. Lestat’s Coffee House, 3343 Adams Avenue, Normal Heights, San Diego, (619) 282-0437,

The Off Beat Open Mic, second and fourth Sundays monthly, 5:00-7:00. Poetry, fiction. Rebecca’s Coffee House, 30th and Juniper Street, San Diego, (619) 284-FOOD,

Dime Stories Open Mic for prose writers, first Friday monthly, 7:00. Hosted by Amy Wallen, $5. The Ruby Room, 1271 University Avenue, San Diego, (619) 299-7372,

Poetic Brew open mic poetry reading, third Thursday monthly, sign up 6:30, reading 7:00. Hosted by Eber Lambert, read up to three poems or for three minutes, thirty-three seconds. Rebecca’s Coffeehouse, 30th and Juniper Street, South Park, San Diego, (619) 284-FOOD,

Sunset Poets presents a featured poet and open mic, usually third Sundays monthly, 3:00. Oceanside area, (760) 758-2410, or

Fallbrook’s Writers featured reading and open mic for poetry or prose, once a month, usually on Thursdays, doors open 5:30, reading 6:00. Café des Artistes, 103 S. Main Street, Fallbrook, (760) 522-1064,

the Vessel open mic features poets, singers, actors, comedians, every first and third Friday, 8:00. Live music, drinks, and refreshments, all ages, $5 cover. Canvas Cafe, 1370 San Marcos Blvd., Suite 120A, San Marcos,

Drunk Poets Society spoken word open mic, every Monday, 6:30-8:00. Hosted by Ola. Winston’s Beach Club, 1921 Bacon Street, San Diego, (619) 222-6822,


Tuesday Night Poets featured reading with open mic, every Tuesday, 7:30. Hosted by Roe Estep. The Artists’ Union Gallery, 330 South California Street, Ventura, (805) 320-3524.

Bell Arts Factory presents a featured poet and open mic last Saturday monthly, 7:30. Host: Friday Lubina. Bells Arts Factory, 432 N. Ventura Avenue, Ventura,

Corners of the Mouth! presents an open reading after the featured poets, limited to five minutes and original work every third Sunday monthly since 1984, free, 7:00. Linnaea’s Café, 1110 Garden Street, San Luis Obispo. Kevin Patrick Sullivan, Artistic Director, (805) 547-1318,

Favorite Poems Project reading, poets and non-poets read favorite poems not their own, hosted by Lois Klein, third Monday monthly, 5:15-6:30. The Blue Agave, 20 East Cota Street, Santa Barbara. e-mail: loisklein @

Friday Night AA Meeting plus Open Mic, every Friday, 6:30. Drug and alcohol free, 896 East Main Street, Ventura, (805) 794-9878,

Poetry Zone featured reading and open mic, every second Saturday, 2:00-4:00. Karpeles Manuscript Museum, 21 W. Anapamu, Santa Barbara. Host, Suzanne Frost, (805) 252-1655.

Train of Thought open mic, every Thursday, 6:30, 856 East Thompson Blvd., Ventura, between Ash and Kalorama, behind Kids and Families Together.

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