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I was born in Scotland. Brought here with my mother and brother to make room for WW11. We returned in 1945. I grew, went to school there and at age 16 returned to America. Finished school, went to college, married, had children, and divorced. The usual story.

Describe the places you write.

As to where I write; almost anywhere. bookstores, work, my bedroom, venues.

How long have you been writing?

I have writing poetry now for ten years- or at least trying to do so.

Talk about your favorite poem by another writer and a favorite of your own work.

My favorite poem that is not my own? Fern Hill.
My favorite out of my own work? Requiem for Remembrance which was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. I try to write in form as well as free verse and I believe that each helps the other.

What writers that influence you?

Every good poem I have read has influenced me- I am fond of Auden, Thomas, Owen, Frost just to name a few.

What is a typical writing time for you like?

I write late and early for ten minutes or for several hours.

You have a wonderful speaking voice. Have you done performance poetry at all?

You are correct. I was a drama major at one point and was in many plays. I even tried my hand, or rather my voice, at slam poetry.

You run the Brockton Library Poetry Series. It is a wonderful venue. The space is great for readings. How long have you coordinated the series? Talk about the workshop and open-mic before the features. Talk about some of the features you have had.

The Brockton series was around before I joined some three years ago. I am just one of the people who work at it. I will take credit for pushing the idea of a workshop. Danielle Legros Georges has been running it for two years now. We may have six people there, we may have twelve. The open mike has been well attended. Last time when Marge Piercy featured we had 26 readers. We try to offer features to a variety of poets. We vary the styles. We have first time features and those with a body of work. To become better I think you need to hear the best work. We have feature Fred Marchant, Martha Collins, X J Kennedy, Maxine Kumin to name a few. It is my hope that one of the workshop folk or an unknown poet reading for us for the first time goes own to create a body of work to be remembered.

You give beautiful introductions in your series and it is clear how much you enjoy the poets you have read there. You are one of the most genuine hosts I've ever met and so supportive. I just want to thank you for that.

Thank you for this interview.


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