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Gloria Mindock, Editor   Issue No. 62   January, 2011




Welcome to the January, 2011 Newsletter

Happy New Year!!!! I hope all of you have a great 2011!!!!

Some good news to report! Paul Celan and the Messiah's Broken Levered Tongue: An Exponential Dyad by Daniel Y. Harris and Adam Shechter has been listed as one of the top five most important poetry books of 2010 by The Jewish Daily Forward. Congratulations Daniel and Adam! Thank you so much to The Jewish Daily Forward staff for this honor.

This year, Červená Barva Press welcomes two new interns: Kate Clavet (Simmons College) and Allison Nonko (Emerson College). Jason Wright will continue interning also with Cervena Barva Press. I am excited to be working with them and am so appreciative. Thank you to Richard Wollman for mentioning that I could use interns to his classes.

There are no interviews this month. Next month, two fiction writers will be interviewed.
Catherine Parnell (Fiction Editor of Salamander) and Marcus Speh of Germany will be interviewed.

The Červená Barva Press Poetry and Fiction Contest is collecting submissions from January 2nd-March 31st.
Check out information/guidelines at:

A reflection of 2010:

2010 was a good year for the press. We published the following chapbooks and books:

  • Here and Abroad by Joan Gelfand (2010 fiction contest winner, judged by Dorothy Freudenthal)
  • Barbie at 50 by Jendi Reiter (2010 poetry contest winner, judged by Afaa Michael Weaver)
  • Elegiac: Footnotes to Rilke's Duino Elegies by Elaine Terranova (Poetry)
  • Where Sanity Begins by Hugh Fox (Poetry)
  • Paul Celan and the Messiah's Broken Levered Tongue: An Exponential Dyad by Daniel Y. Harris and Adam Shechter (Poetry)
  • Moments Around The Campfire With A Vietnam Vet by Thom Brucie (Poetry)
  • My Soul Still A Virgin by Gulnar Ali Balata (Poetry)
  • I'd Rather be Mexican by Charles P. Ries (Poetry)
  • Passions (monodrama) by Denis Emorine (Play)
  • The Lines Are Not My friends by Stacia M. Fleegal (Poetry)
  • Snakes and Angels Adaptations of Indonesian Folk Tales by James Penha (2009 fiction contest winner)
  • Commodity Fetishism by Susan Lewis (2009 poetry contest winner)

Click here to order any of these chapbooks

  • Clear Eye Tea by Mary Bonina (Poetry)
  • Everything Happens Suddenly by Roberta Swann (Poetry)
  • Triage by Tam Lin Neville (Poetry)
  • Profane Uncertainties by Luis Raul Calvo , translated from the Spanish by Flavia Cosma (Poetry)
  • What May Have Been: Letters of Jackson Pollack & Dori G by Susan Tepper and Gary Percesepe (novel)
  • Live Landscape by Andrey Gritsman (Poetry)
  • Jefferson's New Image Salon: Matchups & Mashups by Mark Pawlak (Poetry)

Click here to order any of these books

Červená Barva Press participated in three small press panels.
The panels were at:
William Joiner Center, UMass, Boston
Marymount College, New York, NY
New England Poetry Club, Cambridge, MA

It was an honor to be on these panels with such wonderful people. I had a blast.
Thanks so much to Catherine Parnell, Susan Tepper, and Diana Der-Hovanessian for asking me to participate in these panels.

I also spoke about the press, my own writing, and publishing as a guest lecturer at:
Endicott College
Bunker Hill College
Emerson College (Publishing class)

Thanks you so much to Doug Holder and Gian Lombardo for asking me to come and speak to your classes. The students were great!

Two interns worked with the press: Jason Wright and Jennifer LeBlanc
They both were amazing and such a big help to me.

There is so much more to report for 2010 but this newsletter would go on too long.

Thank you everyone! You have made 2010 a very special and exciting year!

Now let us look ahead to 2011.

There are so many books and chapbooks coming out. I am not going to name them all right now but just a few that are forthcoming. Please note, due to my injury, I am behind schedule on all books. It has slowed me down. Four of the full-length books should have been released in 2010.

  • Across Stones Of Bad Dreams by Zvi A. Sesling (Poetry)
  • A Palace of Strangers by Stephen Frech (Poetry)
  • This Human Heart by Coleen Houlihan (Poetry with Illustrations)
  • Loving Life by William Miller (Poetry)
  • Mud Season by Pamela Annas (Poetry)
  • All Seemed Foreign by Ansley Moon (Poetry)
  • A Step Inside by Denis Emorine (Collection of Vignettes), Translated from the French by Phillip John Usher
  • St. Valentines Day Massacre Challenge (fictionaut writers) edited by Susan Tepper (Fiction)
  • White As Silver by Rane Arroyo (Poetry)
  • Letters to Saida by Denis Emorine (English and French) (Poetry)
  • On Paths Known to No One by Flavia Cosma (Poetry)
  • Counting Blessings by Morris Berman (Poetry)
  • The White Cypress by Judith Skillman (Poetry)
  • The Jew Who Was Ukranian by Alexander J. Motyl (Novel)
  • Heaven is a City Where Your Language isn't Spoken by John Flynn (Novel)
  • Following Tommy by Bob Hartley (Novel)

This is quite an exciting schedule.
More book to come out are by
George held, Jiri Klobouk, Craig Paulenich,
Bruce Lader, Daniel Y. Harris, Michael T. Steffen,
Mike Amado, Gzegorz Wroblewski, and the list goes on into 2012.

Please be patient since I am behind schedule. I did not expect to hurt my shoulder/arm.

Please send any forthcoming readings you have so we can list them on our readings page.

We will add your readings from all over the country/world so send them to us.
Follow this format only please.

Name of reading series (if applicable)
Date, time, City, State, Country
Time, admission fee
Anything else you want to add that we don't have here. Please be brief.

Raves, Book Reviews, and Interviews will return in February's Newsletter


Please visit the readings page:


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